Are battle royale games finally losing their edge?



At the end of last week, Ubisoft announced a new battle royale game set in the Ghost recognition family. But it looks like the company is late on the battle royale train, and fans weren’t too excited about the game’s announcement.

Just a few years ago, Battles Royales were at the center of the video game world. Games like Apex Legends and Spell breaking captivated the minds of millions of gamers around the world. And of course there was Fortnite, a game that revolutionized gaming as we know it, bringing it to the mainstream in a way gaming has never seen before.

So if battle royale is such a popular genre, why were fans so upset that Ubisoft decided to release a new game of its own? Tom clancy franchise in the genre? Could it be that the era of battle royale titles ruling the video game world is finally over?

Battle royale over the years

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The first dive into battle royale really started in 2013, when a modder by the name of Brendan Greene created a battle royale mod for the popular zombie game, DayZ. Greene was going to be a huge influence in the genre over the years. It added battle royale mods to other games over the years until 2017, when Greene, known online as PlayerUnknown, released his own game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Where PUBG, hit the gaming scene in 2017 and it became an instant sensation. The players were won over by the style of 100 players, last man standing who PUBG Free. Streamers have also hung on to the game, increasing its popularity online even further.

And then, of course, came Fortnite Later in the year. It took about a year to Fortnite to put his legs underneath, but by 2018 the game had taken the world by storm. Massive collaborations that Drake, Travis Scott and Marvel have brought Fortnite to the main stage around the world.

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One year later Fortnite really exploded, Respawn Entertainment has released its own battle royale. Apex Legends offered a new take on the genre, with a smaller map and fewer people, but much faster gameplay. Apex Legends presented a good opportunity for competitive players to show the best of their FPS skills in a battle royale.

All of this leads to the triple-A developers finally getting on board. Battlefield tried his hand at gender with Fire storm, but it never worked too well. Call of Duty finally achieved success with War zone from the beginning of 2020. The culmination of years of development experience and the beloved Call of Duty IP helped War zone jump to the top of the Battles Royals list.

But is this the end of the genre?

call of duty war zone
Image: Activision

After War zone, the new versions have fizzled out. Of course, other Battles Royals have been published, but many were either buggy and not fun, or unoriginal and boring. Much of the genre tended to lean on a model that had mixed results in terms of popularity – they were free.

Free-to-play games are a kind of successful model in gaming in general. On the one hand, free games are much more accessible because you don’t have to shell out any money to try out the game. On the other hand, they can sometimes be obvious cash grabbers that require you to spend tons of in-game items to enjoy the content the game has to offer.

The free-to-play aspect of Ubisoft’s new game, Phantom reconnaissance front line, This is mostly what made people upset about the game’s announcement, but I don’t think that’s the only problem. The battle royale genre becomes very repetitive.

War zone is really the culmination of what could be the battle royale genre. The game has the great mechanics and graphics you get from a triple-A studio, as well as some cool features (let’s ignore widespread cheating), like being able to join the action after being killed. This does not mean the Call of Duty does something particularly innovative with War zone, but even more so that there is nowhere to go.

Of course, the genre could move away from the pure shooters aspect, and some games have tried to go that route. There have been melee style battles royals like NARAKA: POINTE-BLAME, as well as other fantastic options like Breaking spell. But these games tend to be a flash in the pan, devoid of any kind of hype and resistance that their predecessors had.

It’s probably not the end for battle royale games, but most of the hype is gone

infinite halo gameplay
Image: Xbox

At the end of the day, I think the Battle Royale games will stick around for a long time to come. But there will never be the hype around the genre like a few years ago with PUBG and Fortnite rule the game world.

I think gamers will always enjoy battle royale just like arena shooters will always be popular among certain groups of gamers. But I think we’ll see fewer games focus so much on battle royale as a selling point for their games. Concrete example : Infinite halo.

Infinite halo is a game that is apparently perfectly set up for a battle royale. He already has more time to kill and a weapon pool that already adapts very well to loot scattered across a map.

There are massive maps as well as land and air vehicles that could allow some incredible last player standing action. Spoiler alert: Microsoft hasn’t announced anything that leads us to believe that Infinite halo will have a battle royale mode.

I think it’s very likely that battle royale will be an enduring genre in the game going forward. But I’m confident to say that the genre will never experience the hype and excitement that it enjoyed a few years ago with the contributions of PlayerUnknown, and the gaming phenomenon that is. Fortnite.

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