Apex’s New Legend Rhapsody Is Exactly What Battle Royale Needs


Apex Legends Mobile Season 2: Distortion launched this week, bringing Kings Canyon to our phones for the first time. Skull Town is also back, if you yearn for the most frequented POI in Apex Legends history (yes, I’m including Fragment East). The most exciting addition is the second exclusive Legend coming to the mobile version of Apex, Rhapsody.

Rhapsody is a superstar DJ who is aided by her little drone Rowdy. In short, when will we have Drone Legends? I would pay a lot to see Rowdy team up with DOC and Newt and fight their way through a battle royale match. Either way, Rowdy is the amplifier of Rhapsody’s hard-hitting mixes and also forms the core of his abilities in Apex Mobile matches. It’s these abilities that make her such an interesting addition to Apex games, as at first glance they seem like a solid counter for the current meta.


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His passive allows him to hear opponents from further away. How well this will work remains to be seen, as Apex has well-documented issues with its sound and players can easily sneak up on you undetected, with footsteps completely absent instead of ambient noise. Rhapsody’s Tactical feels a bit like a toned down version of Wattson’s Ultimate, recharging teammates’ shields and giving them a speed boost until you take damage. His Ultimate, Rowdy’s Rave, is the most important, however. “Rowdy projects a wall of flashing lights that blocks view and incoming scans.”

Apex Legends is firmly rooted in a meta wallhack. Seer’s popularity grew, with the ambush artist rising through the ranks to replace Bloodhound as the scan flavor of the month. Valkyrie’s nearly 100% pick rate in the ALGS has further boosted her popularity, though her scans can hardly be considered wallhacks as they only highlight enemies in your line of sight. Mad Maggie and Fuse both have scan abilities in their respective arsenals, despite being niche picks, and while Crypto is in desperate need of a buff, he has seen some use in the ALGS Championship. Simply put, more than a quarter of legends have some sort of scanning ability, and Rhapsody seems like the perfect counter.

The problem is that she is a Mobile-exclusive legend. While Respawn hasn’t confirmed that Mobile Legends will forever remain exclusive to Apex Mobile, at this time it won’t be heading to your PC or console. And Apex Mobile has a very different meta, one that its skills are arguably less suited to. Apex Mobile currently only has 12 legends, and only Bloodhound has the ability to scan.

Perhaps more legends from the main game are coming to mobile – Loba already made the move in Season 1 – and Rhapsody’s abilities will become more useful as Seer and Crypto arrive. But right now, his big ultimate ability seems pretty useless. She is a counter to Bloodhound, and Bloodhound alone. Maybe her tactics give her some utility as a defensive legend, a pseudo-Wattson before Ms. Paquette joined Apex Mobile, but she’s inferior to Caustic and Gibraltar in that regard.

The ability to protect your team from scans – albeit in a typically loud and obnoxious way, with a huge pink shield forming in front of you – would make Rhapsody a great addition to Apex Legends, and it would have been interesting to see how it shook the scanning meta. It’s a shame his abilities are wasted in Apex Mobile.

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