Apex Legends Mobile Season 1.5 Cold Snap Update Adds Loba, New Battle Pass, and More


Apex Legends’ latest mobile update, Cold Snap, brought back a fan-favorite Legend, along with a Battle Pass and a new mode. Here’s everything we know.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1.5 Cold Snap will look to bring new winter-themed items to the mobile battle royale.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 Golden Hour has been met with a lot of comments due to the progress in the Battle Pass.

Thankfully, it seems Respawn Entertainment has listened to its players. Here’s everything we know about Apex Legends Mobile Season 1.5 Cold Snap.

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Spawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile Cold Snap Battle Pass and New Legend

The latest season of Apex Legends Mobile will feature a brand new battle pass, new mode, new weapons, and the addition of Loba.

Here is everything confirmed for Apex Legends Mobile Season 1.5:

  • New Legend: Loba
  • New Mode: City Takeover – Winter War Mode
  • new weapon
  • New Battle Pass: Cold Snap
  • Seasonal Shop Optimization

It has not been confirmed if Loba will be unlocked the same as Season 1 legend Fade. Apex Legends Mobile is still relatively new, so changes to the system wouldn’t be surprising.

Season 1.5 Cold Snap will launch shortly after the end of Season 1 Golden Hour. Despite all of these great additions, many hope Respawn fixes some of the battle royale‘s deepest flaws.

Many players have been prone to lobbies with high ping and frame rate issues. Abnormally frequent bot lobbies are frustrating for players looking for a challenge.

But given that Respawn is tackling “overpriced” microtransactions with seasonal store optimization, it shows that they are listening to players and working to improve Apex Legends Mobile.


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