Apex Legends Mobile: Image Leak Reveals Second Battle Royale Map



Apex Legends Mobile is currently in beta form, but a leaked image has revealed that a second battle royale map appears to be coming to the game.

The game has excited the gaming community tremendously as it waits for its full release, and that hype makes sense as the console and PC version of Apex Legends is a huge success.

There will be a lot of exclusive features for the mobile version of the game, like unique cosmetics for the Legends in the portable version.

The new leaks have been pretty reliable lately, so this new news should be very exciting for members of the gaming community.

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Image leak reveals second Battle Royale map coming to Apex Legends

These latest leaks have surfaced on social media from the trusted Apex Legends Mobile News page, and while this is just an image, there’s no doubt that it’s got the Apex community very excited. .

This image, posted to Twitter, showed a loading screen for the mobile game and a second map arriving on Apex Legends Mobile.

Players will recognize this image because it looks like part of the map we saw when Apex Legends was released. It’s no surprise to see fan favorite cards returning to mobile gaming.

This will excite a lot of them, and it will undoubtedly make a lot of them eager to try Apex Legends Mobile, but it also suggests that we will see classic Apex Legends features return to the franchise.

Make sure to keep a close eye out as more and more leaks have surfaced in recent weeks and months. The beta version is currently available and is receiving a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community.

The game will be free to play and fans will only have to spend money if they want to buy things from the store. These purchases will not give players any advantage over non-spending players.

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