Apex Legends devs considered dynamic weather effects for battle royale


If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to get your hands on an Apex Legends Golden Ticket before the Apex Legends Season 15 start date, you might have checked out Respawn Entertainment’s Broken Moon teaser. . You know, the one that Apex Legends Revenant could go out of bounds on. Well, if you’ve checked it out — or seen someone else checking it out online — you might be wondering what all that fog looked like. That, and if players could expect to see so much fog when they jumped into their first game on the new map. Well, we wondered that too – and we had to wonder about it.

While discussing Apex Legends’ new map with lead level designer Jeff Shaw, we got a chance to ask about that hazy map teaser and whether Respawn Entertainment has considered introducing dynamic weather effects beyond that. of this in his battle royale.

Asked about the heavy fog present in the Broken Moon map teaser, Shaw explained that it was something of an “artistic freedom” – a decision to add drama to the slow reveal that the team wanted. Players who were worried about lines of sight will be pleased to hear that he also clarified that “the fog isn’t that thick on the actual map.”

While we’re not unhappy with the decision to keep Broken Moon fog-free, it prompted us to ask Shaw if Respawn Entertainment had ever considered introducing dynamic weather effects to Apex Legends – and we were quite surprised at that. that we learned.

As you’d already expect, Shaw said the idea of ​​dynamic weather effects in Apex Legends was something the development team had “talked about” and “thrown around” in the past. However, as we can see from what’s currently available in Apex Legends, they “really haven’t found anything, so far, that’s stuck” when it comes to this feature.

Interestingly, however, Shaw revealed that “he [were] foggy and misty areas” over Kings Canyon at one point. However, the development team removed this feature because it was ultimately “more frustrating than fun”. Respawn Entertainment is always figuring out what’s the healthiest for its battle royale and it seems like, right now, dynamic weather effects aren’t on that list. However, it’s clearly something on the developer’s mind, and with Apex Legends, we really should never say never.

We know the Apex Legends devs aren’t sure if ranked players like Broken Moon, but we have to imagine the decision to keep the map largely fog-free is a positive one.

Apex Legends is one of the best battle royale games around and it’s clear things are only getting better when it comes to this shooter. If you want to know more about everything coming to Respawn Entertainment’s game in the next major update, you can read what we know about Apex Legends’ Catalyst here – and why we love that Apex Legends Catalyst. Apex Legends was made with love here.


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