Apex Legends developer reacts to strange ‘Return to Battle’ glitch ruining matches


An Apex Legends developer has provided the community with a look at how Respawn is handling new weapons coming into the game, as well as hints at a potential nerf to the CAR SMG.

Apex Legends saw a variety of changes to the Legend weapon and meta when it launched Season 13. Along with bringing a strong new Legend to shake up the most popular picks, Respawn also made some changes to the weapons.

That said, Season 13 didn’t bring any new weapons to the game. The latest weapon added to Apex Legends is the CAR SMG, which is arguably the most dominant close-range weapon right now.

In response to community concerns regarding weapon strength, one of the devs gave fans a look at how they handle new weapons being added to the game, as well as a potential nerf to CAR.

The CAR was introduced in Season 11 and at the time of writing it is one of the best close range options in the game. This is mainly due to its high rate of fire and its high hip-firing accuracy, allowing players to stay on target.

It’s clear that the weapon is powerful, and as its power was hinted at on Reddit this week, Respawn’s Live Balance designer Jay Biebs decided to respond and explain himself.

During a Weapon Wednesday discussion on the Apex Legends subreddit, users discussed CAR One’s current user status and said, “Power creep’d SMG for sure. They could have balanced it out by giving it a worse damage total in a single magazine or a long reload time, but NO! Respawn is definitely not playing its own game…”

In response, Jay Biebs gave a lengthy explanation of how they’re implementing new weapons in the game, stating that “it makes sense to lean towards the strong side”.

Jay Biebs explains that it’s because they think “new legends/items need to be sexy and strong to disrupt the meta”, and making it strong means more players will use it, giving the dev team more data to work with when the time comes. adjustments and changes.

The development team was surprised when “its utilization rate was lower than [they] expected.” However, after a while, players began to realize its strength and now it is considered a “powerful SMG”.

The developers are aware of its strength, with Jay Biebs even agreeing “that the CAR eclipses [the R-99] in many ways,” but he also sees the problem of power creep as “never-ending.”

He mentions ways to fix the problem, including nerfing the CAR, but he doesn’t confirm anything:

“Buff R99? Nerf CAR? I would say that SMGs in general in Apex have been the hardest hit by loot creep/TTK… shall we revisit that? Are we reviewing the class as a whole? Are we considered flattering controller players if we do? »

We’ll have to wait and see what happens to the close range meta in Apex Legends, as the mid-season update is on the way, so we might see some changes.

Image credits: Respawn Entertainment


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