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It’s a bit confusing that Warner Bros. did not create a Justice League Game. While DC films have had their ups and downs, Warner Bros. has had a lot of success on the gaming side with titles like the Batman arkham series. Rumors of a potential Superman game have been circulating, but it’s as close as things have come. In response to Warner Bros’ inaction, a fan decided to create the Justice League game of their dreams.

On Reddit, u / TheRedProphett shared a video of a project they worked on in Media Molecule Dreams, a kind of game creation engine for avid game developers. The project is a Justice League game, starring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman taking on enemies. While this is clearly only a rough concept for such a game, the prototype is loaded with potential.


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The Justice League the prototype is basically just a beat’em up with the ability to swap between the three superheroes, although each hero has their own special moveset. There’s also a surprisingly elaborate cloak physics and consistent art style among the heroes. While it all might seem simple, it’s something that takes a lot of effort and experience to pin down, so what TheRedProphett has shared here shouldn’t be understated.

There has been no official confirmation of a Justice League game, although that might not be out of the question forever. In fact, the Justice League will make an official appearance in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the next game of Batman arkham Rocksteady developer. However, this presents members of the Justice League as antagonists, so it’s not quite what fans ask for when they bring up a Justice League Game.

it’s not just an official Justice League game is impossible, but it doesn’t appear to be in the cards right now. Rocksteady are the studio most nominated as a contender to run such a game, but they seem to have their hands full at the moment. Additionally, the Batman Family gets its own game in the form of Knights of Gotham, So DC’s comedic play space is a bit full at the moment, or at least will be when both projects debut.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to some sort of official announcement at the Game Awards, although that isn’t a safe bet. For now, the Dreams the creation represents the closest fans who will have access to a suitable game, so it’s worth checking out.

No Justice League game has been announced.

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