Alter Ego Celestè wins VCT Game Changers SEA crown and wins FSL Elite


Alter Ego Celestè completes its conquest of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021 Game Changers SEA: FSL VALORANT Circuit by winning the championship at FSL Elite. (Photo: Yahoo Esports SEA)

Alter Ego Celestè finished his conquest of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) 2021 Game Changers SEA: FSL VALORANT Circuit by emerging victorious from the FSL Elite with a 3-1 defeat of MAD Army in the grand final on Sunday 31 October.

Alter Ego Celestè swept through the FSL VALORANT circuit’s open tournament series, winning all six events from March through August, to dominate the circuit rankings and earn his place at the FSL Elite.

The other two Top 3 teams in the standings, along with three other FSL Overtime teams and two other FSL Wildcard teams, including MAD Army, joined them.

Alter Ego Celestè and MAD Army are no strangers to each other since the latter beat the first in the grand final of the first two open tournaments of the FSL VALORANT Circuit this year. At FSL Elite, these two familiar foes first encountered each other in the top tier finals.

As the big favorite to win the FSL Elite, Alter Ego Celestè advanced to the top group final as scheduled after sweeping TC Arise and Renatus White.

Meanwhile, MAD Army has shown they are the black horses of the tournament by upsetting BIG SCYTHE and Nigma Galaxy to take on Alter Ego Celestè.

Alter Ego Celestè made short work of MAD Army to become the first team in the Grand Final, although MAD Army quickly got a rematch in the Grand Final after beating Renatus White in the Lower Bracket Final.

Alter Ego Celestè looked dominant as usual to start the final, picking up comfortable wins at Icebox (13-8) and Split (13-9) to take a 2-0 lead in the series. However, MAD Army did not fall without a fight and bleed the eventual champions on the next map.

The two teams were at a 6-6 deadlock in the first half of Game 3 at Ascent. While Alter Ego Celestè came out of the halftime of the previous two games with blazing guns, MAD Army managed to hold them back this time and put in a 7-5 run in the second half to steal the third game. .

Alter Ego Celestè was not deterred by his loss in Game 3, however, as he came back strong in Game 4 at Bind to take an 8-4 lead at halftime.

Despite MAD Army’s best efforts to extend the streak, they only managed to steal two laps before Alter Ego Celestè finally won the match, 13-6, to complete their conquest of the 2021 FSL VALORANT circuit.

With their victory, Alter Ego Celestè won the grand prize of US $ 10,000 and the right to be called the first VCT Game Changers SEA champions. Meanwhile, MAD Army bows out with US $ 5,000 as consolation.

FSL partnered with VALORANT developer Riot Games in June to extend the 2021 FSL VALORANT circuit to the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Game Changers South East Asia series.

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