All New Fortnite v21.10 Skins: Itachi, Hinata, Battle Pass Cool Styles, and More


The second wave of Naruto cosmetics came to Fortnite with the 21.10 update. Players can also earn free cosmetics and XP by completing Itachi, Hinata, Gaara, and Orochimaru paths.

Nindo’s challenges in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 expect loopers to collect fish, eliminate opponents, and survive storm circles. This will grant them badges which can be used to redeem the free cosmetics and XP.

How to Earn Badges in Fortnite x Naruto: Nindo’s Challenges

Each character in Naruto has a different path

Itachi’s Path

Every 5 rankings in the Top 6 will reward a badge for players. However, this challenge can only be completed in Battle Royale (Squads) and Zero Builds (Squads) modes. Players should not attempt it in any other game mode or in a limited time mode.

The reward for obtaining an Itachi Badge is the Shocked Itachi In-Game Cosmetic Emoticon. Likewise, the reward for getting five badges will be 20,000 XP.

Itachi skin in Fortnite

Path of Gaara

For surviving 24 Storm Circles, you will earn a Gaara Badge. The challenge can be completed exclusively in Zero Build playlists (Solos, Duos, Trios).

By collecting a Gaara badge, players can get their hands on the Focused Gaara Emoticon. Five badges will once again provide an XP reward.

Gaara in Fortnite
Gaara skin in Fortnite

Path of Orochimaru

Every 18 kills will be worth a badge when players take the path of Orochimaru. They can complete this challenge in the main Battle Royale modes (Solos, Duos and Trios). It should be noted that this does not include Zero Build playlists.

The reward for collecting an Orochimaru badge is the Orochimaru’s smile emoticon in the game. Five badges will help to acquire XP.

Orochimaru in Fortnite
Orochimaru skin in Fortnite

Path of Hinata

You will need to collect 20 fish to get a Hinata badge. Luckily, this challenge can be completed in the basic Battle Royale modes (with building enabled) as well as Zero Build modes (Solos, Duos, Trios, and Squads).

Players can get the Byakugan Hinata emoticon with a badge while five Hinata badges will grant them XP.

Hinata skin in Fortnite
Hinata skin in Fortnite

The reward for completing a path in the new The Nindo challenges is the Akatsuki Cosmetic Wrap. However, to get the Manda Glider and 80,000 XP (20,000 XP from each path), players will need to complete all four paths.

Here is an overview of all the aforementioned free cosmetics:

Free Naruto Rewards in Fortnite
Free Naruto-themed cosmetics in Fortnite

The Nindo Challenges are already live in Fortnite Chapter 3, and players have over 15 days to complete them. The developers have created a dedicated website for these challenges where you can view your stats and easily track your progress.


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