Afghanistan in the grip of a new “big game” between the United States, China and Russia


October 18, 2022 2:44 a.m. STI

Kabul [Afghanistan]Oct 18 (ANI): Afghanistan has always remained a major geopolitical dispute between the superpowers and the new empty space created after the Taliban takeover of the country has created a contest of three superpowers (the United States, China and Russia) on securing their influence in the war-torn nation.
Ahmad Marzee, a graduate of Kardan University in Afghanistan and the United States Command and Staff College, in an opinion piece in Khaama Press, said that Following the rapid withdrawal of the United States and from its partners from Afghanistan in August 2021, a new version of the empty space was created.
The Great Game (Tsar Russia vs. Britain), Cold War (USSR/Russia vs. America) and War on Global Terror captured the attention of the triumvirate USA, China and Russia to fight for supremacy, dominance and securing their strategic depth in Afghanistan.
China and Russia were cautiously monitoring the vacuum in Afghanistan, as both had their diplomatic missions active while other foreign diplomatic offices had closed in Afghanistan.
China, one of the most powerful countries in the world in terms of a formidable economy and massive military status, has already made an impression on the Taliban, Marzee said.

In addition to this, Pakistan’s fundamental relationship with the Taliban has given added value to diplomatic relations with China and the Taliban. China, as an emerging superpower in Asia, is still pursuing its so-called economic dominance by investing in other countries.
Indeed, China wants to expand its influence in Afghanistan through its non-interference approach. But in reality, China is monitoring Afghan mines and cracking down on Uyghur minorities who have taken refuge in Afghanistan, Khaama Press reported.
On the other hand, Russia seeks a lasting, trusting and long-lasting relationship with the current regime in Kabul. However, the war against Ukraine and the moderate ISK-P activities in some of the northern provinces of Afghanistan have kept Russia in a thinking room.
Russia perceives that its great rival (the United States) is probably planning to entrap it either in Afghanistan or in Ukraine. On the other hand, the weekly sending of dollars by the United States to Kabul and the secret meetings of the American and Taliban officials behind closed doors in Doha, have kept the other points of the triangle (China and Russia) in the back seats of the game, says Marzee.
However, continuing the triangle game of maintaining influence could further divide the current Taliban regime into small groups where each could work in favor of one of the triangle superpowers. (ANI)


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