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Widely regarded as one of the best games of the early 21st century, Okami is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. Despite the age of the game, it has outlived several recent ports and updates, with more players than ever able to experience the adventures of Amaterasu and Issun as they journey through Nippon, discovering the techniques of the celestial brush and combating evil.

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Despite the game’s reputation for beautiful graphics, a gripping storyline, and charming characters, combat feels like the epitome of “easy to learn, hard to master”. With that in mind, here are some tips for new players on how to make combat a little more manageable in this amazing game.

Know your types of weapons

Okami weapon selection screen

Okami offers three different types of weapons that you can collect and equip; reflectors, rosaries, and swords. Those “Divine instruments” are all balanced, so which one you prefer will depend on your personal preferences. Each of the weapon types have different damage and attack speeds, which can change the way you play. Rosaries are the fastest weapon type and have the ability to slow enemies when hit, allowing you to build long combos. However, their damage per single hit is lower than that of the other two types of weapons.

On the other hand, swords are powerful but slow and have a charge attack that can be used to deal massive damage. Recently, reflectors are the most general option, having medium speed and damage compared to other weapons, and are also fairly straightforward without any special gadgets or abilities.

The sub-weapons and what they do

In Okami, a weapon can be selected to be used as a

Speaking of weapons, Ammatersu can also equip a second divine instrument as a “sub-weapon”. Each sub-weapon has a different effect, which unlocks a more tactical element in combat. When equipped as a secondary weapon, reflectors can be used as a shield, blocking all incoming attacks. Meanwhile, when rosaries are equipped as a secondary weapon, they can be used to fire projectiles at long range, so they can be used as a ranged combat mode in this otherwise close combat based game.

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Compared to other weapons, swords change the least when used as a secondary weapon, continuing to be used for charged attacks that deal high damage.

Upgrade your weapons with gold dust

In Okami, Gold Dust is used to upgrade weapons to make them more powerful

If you find yourself struggling with combat, one way to make it easier for you is to make sure your divine instruments have been upgraded with gold dust. This rare item can be used to increases a weapon’s damage rate, but can only be used once on each weapon.

There are 15 bags of gold dust available in the game – enough to upgrade each weapon. They are found in many places around the world; they can be purchased from certain merchants, found as a reward for hitting targets on the wanted list, or found in certain treasure chests around the world.

Use brush techniques to complement your weapons

In Okami, spells can be cast using the Celestial Brush

The different Celestial brush techniques that are found throughout the game all have a variety of uses, ranging from helping navigate through the environment to completing puzzles in Okami’s many Legend of Zelda-style dungeons. However, this is not all that brush techniques can be used for, as many of them have combat applications that can facilitate battles.

While the most obvious example is Power stroke, many other brush techniques can be used in combat. This includes Storm storm, which can be used to take down flying enemies, opening them up for melee combos; Veil of mist, which can slow down enemies and can be used to spot you in a tough battle; Where Hell, which can be used to set enemies on fire. Learning to use these brush techniques in combat can add an extra set of tools to your arsenal, all of which are useful.

Pitting enemies against each other

A picture of the demonic enemy

Continuing from the point above, you can use the celestial brush techniques to turn the forces of certain enemies against their allies. An example of this is the use of the Eye of fire against the Ice mouth enemies. Wheels coated with the respective elements for which they bear their name, you can use the Hell brush technique for manipulate the flame of the fire eye to melt ice protecting the ice mouth from damage. Galestorm can then be used to turn off the Fire Eye and make it vulnerable to attack.

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This is just an example of putting the forces of enemies into play against each other, but it can be used against multiple enemies and is a good thing to keep in mind if you are struggling to end a meeting quickly.

Improve Your Attributes When You Can

The list of evolving attributes in Okami

When Amaterasu completes a task, either feed an animal, restore nature, Where complete a quest, she will receive to rent. This is Okami’s XP version and you can spend it in the fan menu to level up multiple attributes. These included solar energy (health), the Astral pouch (which, when filled with food, can resurrect Amaterasu if she dies in battle), Ink pots (The equivalent of Okami’s mana, which is spent each time a Celestial Brush technique is used), and the silver wallet (whose level determines how many yen can be carried at any one time).

If you are struggling with an encounter, it is a good idea to make sure your solar power and ink pots are sufficiently upgraded; these will allow you to take more strokes and use more brush techniques without running out of ink.

Divinity: what you need to know

Ammeterasu fights against several demonic enemies in Okami

The last main attribute that hasn’t already been mentioned here is Divinity. This is a defensive shield that Amaterasu gains during combat, preventing him from taking damage from enemy attacks. There are five “levels” to Divinity, from level -1 to level 3, and levels advance when combos are successfully completed without taking damage.

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If you’re struggling to overcome a combat challenge, try upgrading to a faster weapon that can easily do combos (either a rosary Where reflector), or use a The charm of the traveler Object; this will instantly increase your divinity by one level.

Improve your movements

A dojo in Okami, where players can improve their skills

While Amaterasu is quite capable from Okami’s first moments, she does not have access to her full range of abilities at the start of the game. To improve your abilities and learn new ones, such as dodge or double jump, head to the Dojo in one or the other Shinsu field, Ryoshima Coast, Where Kamui. Once there, you can pay the teacher to learn new techniques.

You can also buy improvements to your combos, lengthening them and causing more damage. Make sure to visit the dojos regularly, as new upgrades will be available frequently as the game progresses and upgrades are extremely useful late in the game.

Leave the fight

Ammeterasu fights several enemies in Okami

Sometimes the fight can be a little too intense and you will have to run away. There is nothing wrong with it, but there are a few things you should know. First, to escape the combat you have to attack the red cracks that appear in the barrier surrounding the battles until they turn green. You can then leave them to escape the fight.

However, you should be aware that leaving combat will cause you to lose any yen you would have received from the combat encounter. While it is useful to be able to escape from a fight, it should primarily be used as a last resort, lest you find yourself strapped for cash.

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