5 combat mistakes to avoid


The battle system of V rising, while exciting and fun, is somewhat complex and not easy to master. The controls are simple and smooth, but players need to keep many factors in mind during battles. They must consider their abilities and weaknesses alongside those of the enemy in order to approach combat in the most optimal way possible. Doing less will only result in a player’s quick and utterly gruesome demise, especially if they challenge a fearsome boss or face off against an opposing player in PvP mode.

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Given the complexity of the combat system in V rising, players are bound to make their fair share of mistakes. Juggling all sorts of details while battling relentless enemies is stressful, after all, and only gets easier with practice. Players probably won’t recognize the mistakes they make or how serious they are because of this. Although players fix many of these errors in time, some are particularly troublesome and best avoided from the start. Here are several problematic combat mistakes to avoid in V rising.


5 fight during the day

V rising does everything it can to immerse players in the strange and dark life of a vampire. This gives them the ability to partake in practices commonly associated with these bloodsucking creatures. Players can build a grand but dark castle, feed on mankind like cattle, and bend mortal kind to their will, among other things. However, the game ensures that players put up with everything that comes with being a vampire, including their sensitivity to sunlight, among other debilitating weaknesses.

In V rising, players shouldn’t fear the night as they do when they thrive, but the day is something to stress about. If left in the sun for too long, they will deteriorate and soon come to a grueling but unceremonious end. Despite this fact, many players continue to engage in combat during the day. This is a glaring mistake that will likely lead to their quick death. Unless circumstances force them to fight with no hope of escape, players should avoid daytime combat, even against other vampires. If players have an opportunity to flee, they should take it rather than fight under adverse conditions.

4 Rushing without information

The battle system of V rising relies on players counting various details. They must consider factors about themselves and the enemies they face to formulate a practical strategy. Although it takes time and practice, players can start gathering intel as soon as a fight ensues. Keeping a safe distance and observing enemies can give players insight into their opponents. They can report many vital details such as their enemy’s strength, numbers, and abilities.

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Understand the enemies of V rising goes a long way and provides players with a significant advantage. Despite this, many players will rush into battle without taking the time to gather intel on their enemies, leaving them clueless and at a disadvantage. This error can cause players to face opponents with overwhelming power or a substantial number of allies supporting them. To avoid encountering considerable resistance in battles, players must observe their enemies and determine if they are worth fighting or too much of a challenge.

3 Do not use healing items

When fighting the enemies of V rising, players will often take a considerable amount of damage. While vampires are warm and fearsome creatures, enough wear and tear will bring them to their irreversible end. To avoid suffering such a fate, players must be extremely aware of their health, ensuring that it never drops to critical levels that risk death. They can achieve this by running away and healing whenever their health drops dangerously low. The game offers them various means of healing, granting them many options.

The first and most well-known means of healing is the vampiric ability Blood Mend, a power that restores health at the expense of a player’s blood pool. This regeneration ability proves extremely beneficial, but only when used outside of combat. Depending on Blood Mend during a battle is risky as it forces players to stand still and it drains their blood supply. Players often rely solely on this ability to heal themselves in fights despite the danger it presents. Rather than doing this, players should instead use easily accessible healing items in V rising. Players can use these regenerative tonics while moving with a single click.

2 Use only one weapon

V rising offers players a wide variety of equipment to use as they see fit. The vast selection of weapons and armor accommodates different builds and playstyles, providing great versatility for players. This idea is especially true when it comes to armaments, as weapons have a more substantial and impressive assortment than armor. Players can choose weapons of different shapes and sizes, such as swords, axes, maces, spears, etc. the options are nearly limitless. Additionally, a player’s choice is more nuanced as each weaponry works differently, possessing distinct strengths and weaknesses to utilize.

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The different weapons V rising each has their unique objectives in combat. For example, a spear is a devastating weapon for dealing with a single opponent, while a mace is perfect against large groups of enemies. Each weapon performs a particular function better than the others, but players are often limited to using a single armament in combat ⁠ – usually a sword. Although this is not necessarily a serious error, it limits and hinders players considerably. They must learn each weapon’s role in combat and switch between armaments appropriate to the situation.

1 Ignore the durability of your equipment

Despite all the vampire antics and themes, V rising is, at its core, an open world survival game, base building and all. It has many elements designed to test a gamer’s ingenuity, sharpness, and survivability in general. This type of gameplay will constantly challenge players and punish them for any mistakes they should make. While the survival aspects of V rising are obvious, players often get lost in the fantasy playing a ruthless, bloodthirsty vampire.

One of the most harrowing survival elements of V rising is undoubtedly the durability of the gears. Weapons and armor used by players will deteriorate over time and eventually break. They can repair their gear to prevent this, but many often forget to do so before it’s too late. Equipment breaking outside of combat is a simple inconvenience, but happening during battle creates a debilitating problem for players. A sudden loss of weapons or armor will leave them at a disadvantage, which can lead to their death. Therefore, players should make sure that their equipment durability is good before engaging in fights.

V rising is available in early access on PC.

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