10 Most Successful Actors After The Show


Milly Alcock exploded into stardom on Dragon House and many other members of its cast are beginning to gain acclaim and recognition for their performances. The show’s predecessor, game of thronesalso found major success in its casting of unproven and lesser-known actors.

With four years since game of thronesending and many of its cast members having been absent from the show longer, their careers outside of the hit show began to grow. Focusing primarily on cast members who weren’t well established in Hollywood prior to the series, their success can be measured by roles in popular movies and series, as well as awards earned.


Robert Aramayo

Switching between fantasy roles is quite common. For example, Sean Bean was known as Boromir in The Lord of the Rings before being Ned Stark in game of thrones. Now Robert Aramayo, who played the flashback version of Ned Stark, plays Elrond in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

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Although he was a recognizable face to appear on game of thronesthe lead role of Robert Aramayo in rings of power will allow him to show off his acting skills and continue to develop his career. Elrond is a major role to portray and landing him was an accomplishment in itself.

Nathalie Emmanuel

Like Missandei in game of thrones, Nathalie Emmanuel displayed an attraction that has continued to earn her roles in various films. Missandei was one of game of thrones’ the healthiest characters, rubs off on the audience as having a positive impact. Apart The fast and the furious franchise, in which she had previously starred, the actress had leading roles in army of thieves and The invitation.

Although these films were not major hits, they did reach audiences and would continue to grow his portfolio. She should also play in Francis Ford Coppola Megalopolis, which is still in pre-production.

joseph quinn

It is shocking to many to think that Joseph Quinn was even in game of thronesas the actor blew up this summer over his role in stranger things season 4. While it was the first role to earn him acclaim, it took the world of pop culture by storm.

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Joseph Quinn instantly became a star of stranger things, and will likely have a number of opportunities in the future to develop its potential. Its blip in Game Of ThronesSeason 7 even got recognition thanks to this.

Hannah Waddingham

Another performance that was largely ignored in game of thrones was that of Hannah Waddingham. The actress played Septa Unella, the woman responsible for Cersei’s torture in Season 5. Since her death in game of thronesthe actress made a name for herself as Rebecca in Ted Lasso.

Although she first appeared to be an antagonist, Rebecca’s growth as a character has made her a beloved heroine of the series. The feel-good comedy earned it an Emmy and a SAG Award in just two seasons.

Jessica Henwick

Good came out of Dorne’s plot in game of thrones, while actress Jessica Henwick’s role as Nymeria Sand brought her the recognition needed to continue her career. Paired with Star of Game Of Thrones Finn Jones, Henwick has appeared in two of Netflix’s Marvel projects, iron fist and The defenders.

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His work after these series, however, was the most impressive. Henwick played a supporting role in The Matrix Resurrections and more recently The gray man. She will also be involved in the follow-up to Knives out.

Gwendoline Christie

There are few characters who stand out as much as Brienne of Tarth. Gwendoline delivered an emboldened and strong performance, making her a game of thrones character who least resembles his book counterpart. As one of the few reliable protagonists in a series filled with morally gray characters, fans had a blast watching Gwendoline take on villainous roles.

Christie played Captain Phasma in the star wars sequels, a role she’ll likely continue to return to in the future, given the nature of this universe. More recently, she seemed to be having fun playing Lucifer Morningstar in Netflix’s hit, The sand man.

Emilia Clarke

With less time to build her career, Daenerys having survived until the last episode, Emilia Clarke has made great strides to launch his post game of thrones career. Like Gwendoline Christie, Clarke portrays an interesting star wars character that fans can’t wait to see more of, even if the project doesn’t go as well as some hoped.

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But the really exciting project she’ll be in secret invasion, where she will play the Skrull known as G’iah. Joining the MCU with a lot of her game of thrones co-stars is a great way for her to expand and show a wide audience the range of characters she can play.

Richard Madden

Robb Stark was an indispensable hero in the dark early seasons of game of thrones. When it seemed all hope was lost at the hands of the Lannisters, Robb posed a great threat. Then the red wedding happened. Since end, he became a game of thrones character that Redditors began to find boring during re-watches. Fortunately, Richard Madden’s performance left enough of an imprint to land him more roles.

Since his death in game of thronesRichard Madden won a Golden Globe for Bodyguard and played a major role in Eternals and Rocketman. The charming young actor has had several successful roles in a row and continues to expand his audience.

Pedro Pascal

After a season in game of thrones, Pedro Pascal’s role as Oberyn Martell showed he had a strong enough screen presence to lead his own shows. His game of thrones the character definitely died too soon, but the actor has since starred in Narcos, The Mandalorianand will be the lead of HBO The last of us.

Pedro Pascal stands out on screen. His role in Wonder Woman 1984 has spawned tons of memes, signifying its ability to create memorable moments for fans. His trial by combat in game of thrones was as memorable a moment as any.

Jason Momoa

In today’s world of film and television, becoming a superhero is one of the greatest accomplishments an actor can have. But being the lead in a superhero movie that made over $1 billion at the box office is far from it. Jason Momoa was a major factor in Aquaman achieving a feat that even Batman and Superman failed to achieve.

With a limited role as Khal Drogo in Season 1 of game of thrones, Momoa gained notoriety to become a patent movie star. The actor continues to expand his career with roles in Dunes, See, and he will play a part in x fast.

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