10 Most Popular Gaming YouTubers, Ranked By Subscribers



The game has grown into one of the most popular and lucrative genres on YouTube thanks to talented creators producing tons of content for their dedicated fans. The most popular among these video game influencers have been producing videos for years while polishing their style and finding their niche.

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According to Official YouTube BlogThere are now over 40 million active game channels, generating over 100 billion viewing hours in 2020. In fact, even celebrities are launching YouTube game channels. With so many game channels, it takes good timing, witty humor, hard work, and a dedicated fan base to stand out – YouTubers who have made it all happen tend to have the most subscribers. today.

ten VanossGaming – 25.5M

The man behind the hugely popular VannossGaming channel is Evan Fong, a Canadian YouTuber who focuses on games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. He is best known for his collaboration with other content creators who often appear alongside him in his video game commentaries.

Evan’s hilarious comments with popular YouTubers like H2ODelirious and Ohmwrecker have become his channel’s signature since he started uploading videos in 2011. VanossGaming fans undoubtedly feel like they’re playing with a band. friends having fun while watching Evan’s videos. It also helps that he’s a talented player.

9 Mikecrack – 26.9 million

Based in Spain, Mikecrack launched his channel in 2015. He spends a lot of time creating content on Minecraft, Fortnite, Free fire, and Roblox. While he occasionally shows his face on his channel, viewers primarily see him through an animated dog that he layers onto his character’s face whenever he uploads gameplay videos.

He spends a lot of time exploring Minecraftmany caves and cliffs and always tries to make jokes to entertain viewers. What makes Mikecrack’s channel so memorable is his dog character, who is also called Mike. The animated dog looks like a cuter version of Jake from Adventure time but speaks with the excitement of a young gamer who is just happy to play his favorite games.

8 Total play – 27.1 million

The voice behind the now popular channel, Total Gaming, is Ajay from India. His channel is relatively new, not becoming active until the end of 2018. He does content on Free fire, Mobile call of duty, PUBG, and Grand Theft Auto V.

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With nearly 1,500 videos uploaded to date, Ajay offers viewers a ton of content to choose from. It has a good mix of live streams, tips and tricks, and short films that make its content interesting. Ajay seems to upload between ten and fifteen videos every week, and the hard work has clearly paid off.

7 Jacksepticeye – 27.3 M

Irish YouTuber Sean William McLoughlin begins all his videos with the same sentence: “Top of the mornin ‘to you ladies! My name is Jacksepticeye!” He maintains his great energy and enthusiasm throughout his videos, which are often commentary style gameplay content.

He started uploading videos just as the game’s influencers were becoming particularly popular in 2012. It was a good time for him, and he worked to keep the momentum going by uploading regularly and building on his. charming personality to build a strong fan base. Jacksepticeye does a great job diving deep into popular games like the set resident Evil franchise and Among us, taking his fans on an often hilarious ride.

6 Markiplier – 29.8 M

Hawaii-born Mark Edward Fischbach launched his YouTube channel in 2012. He is known for his love of horror games, charity live broadcasts, and collaborations with other popular content creators.

Markiplier’s Let’s Play style videos have the hallmarks of great gaming content that fans know and love. His humor, authenticity and impressive playing skills always show through in his videos. Fans can also quickly recognize Mark’s content thanks to his signature pink mustache that he has retained in his branding over the years.

5 VEGETTA777 – 32.6 M

Spanish YouTuber Samuel De Luque, also known as VEGETTA777, started his game channel in 2008. He covers popular games like Minecraft, row of saints, and Battlefield, often focusing more on RPGs that suit his unique way of describing a game.

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Aside from his collaborations with other popular Spain-based players like Alexby and Staxxcraft, what makes Samuel so popular is his storytelling style. He loves RPGs because he can tell their story in a dramatic, often humorous way, making viewers feel like they’re watching a very entertaining movie.

4 elrubiusOMG – 40M

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, better known as El Rubius, has been creating content for his hit game channel, elrubiusOMG since 2011. He is popular for his coverage of the best. Fortnite collaborations, skins, events, etc. It even hosts live events dedicated specifically to the game, which attracts thousands of viewers every month.

El Rubius is also known for his vlogging style content, where he gives fans a glimpse into his personal life. It makes viewers feel closer to him as he does his best to appear genuine and connect with his fans through these downloads. Those candid moments can often get as many views as its in-game content, which says a lot about its fan base.

3 Fernanfloo – 42.6 million

Salvadorian Luis Fernando Flores Alvardo has made a name for himself in the gaming community with his humorous content on YouTube. He launched his channel in 2011 and has since gained millions of subscribers.

However, Fernanfloo divides his time between YouTube and Twitch, with his channel uploads sometimes falling apart. This obviously hasn’t become a problem for the growth of his YouTube channel, as fans are still eagerly awaiting his next hilarious Let’s Play and reaction videos for games like resident Evil and Five nights at Freddy’s.

2 JuegaGerman – 44M

Germán Alejandro Garmendia Aranis is a successful Chilean YouTuber who covers a wide range of games on his channel, JuegaGerman. He makes humorous comments on popular games like The Last of Us 2, Far cry 5, and Minecraft.

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Fans know they can count on JuegaGerman to be consistent with their downloads. Since launching his channel in 2013, the YouTuber hasn’t missed a beat, always uploading at least five videos per month. Combined with smart comedy and decent skills, it’s no surprise that JuegaGerman has become one of the most popular gaming YouTubers of all time.

1 PewDiePie – 110M

With 110 million subscribers, PewDiePie is the most popular gaming YouTube channel and one of the most subscribed channels on the platform. Swedish content creator Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg launched his gaming channel in 2010, making it one of the most iconic pages in the gaming community.

PewDiePie pioneered many popular formats found in gaming chains today. It seems like there isn’t a single thing in particular that led to Felix’s massive success, as it’s a combination of his Let’s Play-style videos, witty humor, consistency, and genuine gaming skills that propelled him to the top.

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