10 Jon Snow Quotes That Prove He’s Smarter Than You Think


Fans are excited by the news of a Jon Snow spin-off as production begins and wonder what it could mean for one of the The iron Thronefavorite characters from.

One of the series’ most well-known lines is when Jon’s love interest, Ygritte, says, “You don’t know anything, Jon Snow.” It’s a running joke among fans that Jon Snow may not know anything, especially when it comes to his decisions in the final season. However, these quotes from him prove that he knows more than meets the eye and is quite a smart character.


ten “First lesson: glue them with the pointed end.”

To Arya before they all leave Winterfell

The first season gave us a glimpse of how the Stark children interacted with their bastard brother before they were all separated and Jon went to Night’s Watch. One of Jon Snow’s most iconic scenes is when he offers the small sword that Arya names Needle to his younger sister.

This quote may seem like an obvious suggestion and not show much intelligence. However, Jon was one of the first people to prove he truly understood Arya. Although women aren’t often seen as fighters in their world, he saw she had a lot of potential and chose to embrace her differences rather than push her to be someone she wasn’t. not.

9 “Sam is no different from the rest of us.”

To his brothers on the night watch

Samwell Tarly is a character that fans want to appear in Jon Snow’s spin-off and we can see why. From the moment the two young men entered the Night’s Watch, they became fast friends and built a strong bond.

The other Castle Back recruits weren’t as welcoming to Sam and berated him with insults and aggression. Although Jon initially thought Sam wasn’t fit to be there, he defended him and said he was just as much a part of the Night’s Watch as any of the other men there. Jon understood that Sam’s lack of combat abilities didn’t mean he wasn’t an asset to the organization.

8 “I can’t imagine any higher praise.”

To Stannis Baratheon at Castle Black

One of Jon’s best decisions is when he turns down Stannis’ offer to appoint him Lord of Winterfell when they retake the North from the Boltons. When Stannis tells Jon that he’s as stubborn and honorable as Ned, Jon takes it as a compliment even though it wasn’t intended.

This not only proves Jon’s intelligence, as he was proud to be compared to such a well-liked man. He was not only dedicated to the Night’s Watch and had to do the honorable thing, but he understood that his becoming Lord of Winterfell in this way would not be much appreciated by the people of the North, who did not have never considered people like Stannis their true leader.

seven “My watch is finished.”

After avenging his murder

Although he had his ups and downs in the Night’s Watch, Jon was an honorable man who took his commitment to the cause seriously. This changed when several members of the Guard betrayed him, stabbing him to death while he was in command.

He executed the men responsible for his execution after being brought back to life. However, he also understood that this experience meant that he no longer belonged to the Night’s Watch. Since men are bound by their vows until death, he hadn’t broken his vow since he was technically already dead.

6 “Thousands of men don’t need to die. Only one of us.”

To Ramsay Bolton

Jon knew the odds were stacked against them when they faced off against Ramsay Bolton to retake Winterfell and control of the North. When he and Sansa confront Ramsay before the Battle of the Bastards, he says this, trying to settle the war with hand-to-hand combat.

Although this plan did not work out, it was a strategic decision on his part. Ramsay was an arrogant and self-righteous man who thought he was unstoppable in his efforts. While attempting to fight Ramsay for Winterfell, Jon was trying to save thousands of lives. Although he should have listened to Sansa when she said he didn’t understand Ramsay, his attempt was thoughtful.

5 “Not just the boys.”

Tell the lords of the north that everyone must fight

When the North prepares to face the Army of the Dead, Jon knows the odds are stacked against them and they may die fighting. However, he also emphasizes that this is a fight for everyone and not just the soldiers.

The lords are shocked when he suggests that every man, woman and child of fighting age should bear arms. Lyanna Mormont stands up and defends her suggestion, saying she’s a young girl but has no intention of hiding while everyone dies for her. Jon knew that even if unskilled fighters died against the undead, they would die no matter if they didn’t do what they could to fight.

4 “But more importantly, we need allies.”

To the lords of the north

the lords of the North are not in favor when their king says he is going to surrender to Daenerys Targaryen and convince her to fight against the army of the dead as well. The northerners wanted to believe that they didn’t need outsiders fighting for them.

Jon understands their reproach but convinces them that they need allies. He’s smart enough not to worry about the war between the monarchs. He figured out that the real battle is between the living and the dead, and he does everything, including traveling to the wall to find one of the zombies to prove that the world must fight the undead.

3 “Together we can beat them.”

When he tries to convince the Wildlings

One fan theory of the Jon Snow spinoff is that he will become a King Beyond the Wall among the wildlings. Although he doesn’t have the best relationship with the wildlings throughout the series, he convinces them to trust him.

He returns to the wall with Tormund Giantsbane to convince other willing rulers to fight with them. Although they don’t trust the Night’s Watch and the people of the North, he uses his wit and honesty to convince them that the undead are more of a threat than anything else. Many wildlings die when the undead attack, but it wasn’t due to Jon’s inability to persuade them.

2 “Anything before the word ‘but’ is a horse-sh*t.”

He quotes Ned to Sansa

Although Jon grew up Ned Stark’s bastard and was not considered part of the rightful family, he was just as close to his surrogate father as his other siblings. When Sansa tries to persuade him and adds “but” in his sentence, he quotes their father.

Although he knew the Northern Lords respected him, he knew that Sansa was just a way to tell him she didn’t agree with him. Fans hope to see Sansa in the Jon Snow spin-off, but the relationship between the two has always been bittersweet. Jon has proven how smart he is right now because he doesn’t let his love for others cloud his judgment and trust his instincts.

1 “I am not indebted to the wishes of my ancestor.”

When he tries to convince Daenerys

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen have a pretty heated discussion when they first meet. Jon simply wants to convince the queen to help them fight the dead, but all she cares about is submission to her claim to the throne of Westeros.

When Daenerys claims she’s not his father but still has a right to the throne, Jon points out that she may not be guilty of his father’s crimes, but neither is he. no longer obliged to maintain the union between their families agreed upon centuries before. Jon risks his own life denying her demands, but he’s also smart enough to realize that the Northerners will never recognize her as their queen.

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