10 Game Of Thrones Characters We Don’t Want To See In A Jon Snow Spinoff


For seven good years, HBO game of thrones was the most popular TV show in the world. He achieved this by telling an interesting story filled with betrayals, political intrigue, and captivating characters. HBO made it clear that they wanted to return to Westeros, which is why they announced a number of prequels.

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News recently broke that the network is planning a spinoff series centered on Jon Snow, who is now back with Night’s Watch. As this is a sequel, a number of game of thrones characters can appear at one time or another, but some characters should stay away.

ten The cutworm should not be alive

Gray Worm loved Missandei, and her death and that of Daenerys filled his heart with revenge and hatred. He hated Jon for killing his queen and he threatened to go to war if Jon wasn’t dealt with. Fortunately, Tyrion convinced Gray Worm to abide by Westerosi justice, which is why Jon was spared and sent to Night’s Watch.

Gray Worm was still angry, but he upheld the Unsullied Code and sailed to Missandei’s homeland, Naath. While Gray Worm’s hatred of Jon Snow may fuel significant drama in a spinoff, Naath is home to poisonous butterflies that are deadly to all outsiders, so he’s probably dead. Gray Worm should not appear in the spin-off if game of thrones wants to keep its continuity.

9 Edmure Tully was reduced to comic relief

After Daenerys’ assassination. Edmure Tully was released from his imprisonment and reinstated as Lord Paramount of the Trident. This title made him one of the most powerful lords in all of Westeros, which is why he proposed his name as king during the Grand Council in the series finale.

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Sansa immediately sent him away and Edmure leaned back in her chair, completely defeated. At this point, it became abundantly clear that his character had been relegated to comic relief. Also, his sister Catelyn had no love for Jon, so it’s hard to see Edmure coming to his aid in a spin-off.

8 There’s a lot of distance between Robin Arryn and Jon Snow

Robin Arryn was the Guardian of the East and Lord of the Vale, making him one of the most powerful lords in all of Westeros. When he first appeared in Season 1, Robin was a spoiled, temperamental brat who possessed a violent temper.

In the game of thrones finale, fans were shocked to see a more mature Robin, but he was still obnoxious. Robin spent four seasons as a hated character and was never a fan favorite. With Robin living in Vale, he’s unlikely to travel to the Far North to see Jon, despite their status as cousins.

seven Bronn appearing in a spin-off makes no sense

Bronn quickly became a fan favorite game of thrones character when he allied himself with Tyrion. He was known for his sarcastic personality, amoral philosophy, and dark sense of humor. He was also a skilled fighter. He was at his best in scenes with Jamie, and the two boasted a solid friendship.

In the series finale, it was revealed that Bronn was the Lord of Highgarden and the Master of the Mint. As such, it makes no sense for him to appear on The Wall. Jon was a serious, brooding character, so he wouldn’t have much chemistry with Bronn either.

6 Arya should go on her own adventure

Maisie Williams grew up playing Arya Stark and from season one she provided one of the best performances on the show. Of all the characters who could potentially return in the spinoff series, Arya makes the most sense, given her relationship with Jon and his overwhelming popularity.

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That being said, Arya’s appearance in the spin-off would be wasted and unnecessary. In the series finale, Arya left Westeros and sailed into uncharted waters. If she returns, it should be in a spin-off focused on her own adventures, not Jon’s.

5 White Walkers should stay gone

From the start, the White Walkers were the most intimidating characters in game of thrones, and they would have killed everyone if Arya hadn’t killed the Night King. When she pierced the Night King’s heart, all of the other White Walkers also shattered.

Some fans think there could be more walkers and Jon could fight the remnants in his spin-off, but that’s not a good idea. Walkers no longer feel like a threat due to how easily their army was stopped. Bringing them back for a spin-off would not maintain the continuity of game of thrones, because it all started with the Night King.

4 Daario must stay in Meereen

Daario Naharis joined Daenerys in Season 3 and quickly became one of her most loyal soldiers, but he also became a sweetheart. Fans last saw him in Season 6 when Daenerys asked him to stay in Meereen to keep the Queen’s peace.

Under normal circumstances, it would make sense for Daario to want to avenge Daenerys, but that would ruin everything she set up in Meereen. If Daario came after Jon, Meereen and all the other towns of Slaver’s Bay would undoubtedly return to their horrible ways.

3 Yara barely interacted with Jon Snow

Yara was the last surviving Greyjoy. After reclaiming the Iron Islands for Daenerys, she attended the Grand Council and agreed to name Bran the new king. She was loyal to Daenerys, even after the King’s Landing incident, which is why she suggested that Jon’s fate be decided by the Unsullied.

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It would have been an automatic death sentence, so Arya immediately threatened her. Yara was an interesting character when she was first introduced, but she rarely interacted with Jon Snow. With so many great characters related to Jon, Yara shouldn’t appear in his spin-off.

2 Robett Glover has abandoned House Stark more than once

House Stark had ruled the North for hundreds of years, and many of its members became important historical figures. The Northerners loved the Starks because they were kind and honorable, but several Houses refused to help them when Jon and Sansa attempted to retake Winterfell from the Boltons.

Robett Glover said no to Sansa’s plea for help, but he asked for Jon’s forgiveness after the battle was over. He said House Glover would fight alongside the Starks again, though that oath was short-lived. When Jon resigned as King in the North, Robett again refused to help the Starks and left them to fight the White Walkers. No one wants to see this treacherous character in a spin-off.

1 Daenerys cannot be redeemed

Jon and Daenerys turned out to be two of the most important Targaryans in Westeros history, but for very different reasons. Deanerys wanted to break the wheel so everyone would be free, but she eventually became a tyrannical ruler. Jon made the heartbreaking decision to stop it himself.

Some theories suggest that Drogon took Daenerys to Essos to bring her back to life. It would be a bad decision because his story has come full circle. Season 8 effectively ruined Daenerys’ character when she burned down King’s Landing, and she can’t be redeemed. With all of that in mind, Jon Snow definitely doesn’t want to see Daenerys again. Emilia Clarke even said she was done playing Daenerys. NEXT: 10 Unpopular Game of Thrones Theories, According to Reddit


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