10 Characters Who Could Appear In The Jon Snow Sequel Series


When game of thrones concluded in 2019, fans thought they had seen Jon Snow’s last. However, this might not be the case after The Hollywood Reporter exclusive that a series of live-action Jon Snow sequels are in the works, with Kit Harington set to reprise his role.

Given that Jon wasn’t the only character to survive the series, it’s likely that many more familiar faces will appear in the sequel’s story. The familiar characters most likely to appear are not just those who survived, but those who already have a meaningful connection to Jon and would have good reason to return in a story centered on him.


Tormund Giantsbane

The game of thrones The finale ended with Jon traveling north past the wall with Tormund Giantsbane and the other surviving Free Folk. Tormund became a loyal friend and ally to Jon and was right next to him by the end of the series. In fact, Tormund even waited at Castle Black and waited to go home with the other Free Folk until Jon got to Castle Black.

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Any sequel story with Jon must include Tormund. It would also be interesting to see how their friendship has developed now that what brought them together – their common enemy from the Army of the Dead – has been defeated.


Jon Snow and Ghost on the wall, Jon leaning down and smiling at him

While most werewolves unfortunately did not survive game of thrones, Jon got a chance to reunite with his werewolf Ghost in the series finale, with the two characters excited to see each other again. Ghost joined Jon and the Free Folk as they ventured north of the Wall.

Many fans were disappointed that Werewolves were seen less in recent seasons of game of thrones. Showing more of Ghost and more of his unique relationship with Jon can partially rectify that. A greater focus on Ghost could also reveal that Jon is a warg in Ghost’s mind (a fascinating part of Jon’s backstory from the books that was never explored in the show).

Sansa Stark

Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark in Game Of Thrones Season 8

While fans felt bad and hated Sansa Stark at many different times, one of the few things about the game of thrones the ending that almost every fan loved was Sansa becoming Queen in the North. It felt like a natural and deserved high point in his story.

The North is now its own kingdom and is independent from the rest of Westeros. It would be interesting to see if Sansa wants the independent North to have any relationship with the North beyond the Wall. She and Jon love each other, but they’ve also had their share of problems in the past. Disagreements over the North vs. the North Beyond the Wall could be a source of conflict between Jon and Sansa in this series (although they could just as well be allies).


Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) meets Drogon in Game of Thrones

Drogon is the world’s last dragon and Jon Snow is the last Targaryen. They’ve bonded before in the past, with Drogon trusting Jon in a way he’s never trusted anyone other than Daenerys. However, after Daenerys’ significant death and Drogon burning down the Iron Throne, Drogon flew off, not knowing where he was (other than Samwell Tarly mentioning that he was seen flying east).

Drogon’s unresolved fate and Jon’s connection to him make it likely that the dragon will appear in the sequel series. Although Jon knows he had no choice but to kill Daenerys, he will likely still struggle with grief and regret, which will become even more complex after a reunion with Daenerys’ favorite dragon.

Bran Stark

One of King Bran’s first acts was to exile Jon and have him join the Night’s Watch at Castle Black. It was a compromise between Gray Worm wanting Jon dead for killing Daenerys and Sansa and Arya wanting Jon to be a free man. It didn’t end up being much punishment as Jon didn’t stay in Castle Black and was able to join Tormund and the other Free Folk beyond the wall (with Jon finally getting the peace and freedom he was looking for since a long time).

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Jon’s last words were apologizing to Bran for not being there when Bran needed him. Bran’s response was, “You were exactly where you needed to be.” Considering Bran’s abilities as the Three-Eyed Raven, he may have sent Jon to Castle Black knowing that Jon would be needed beyond the Wall in the future. Since Jon regrets not being there for Bran anymore, it’s also possible that Jon will return to help Bran as well.

Samwell Tarly

Jon and Sam in Game of Thrones season 8

Sam is Jon’s best friend and it would be a missed opportunity to have a sequel without seeing their friendship again. After going through so much together in seasons 1-5, they broke up in seasons 6-7. They shared a few scenes together in season 8, but there wasn’t enough time to do justice to their friendship with everything that happened in the last season.

The sequel series will likely have more room to breathe than the final season of game of thrones, thus giving more opportunities to do justice to their friendship. Jon may be beyond the wall and Sam may be Grand Maester at King’s Landing, but neither of them would hesitate to travel far if it meant helping each other.

Tyrion Lannister

As characters treated like strangers in their own families and by the world around them, Jon and Tyrion quickly became friends during season 1 of game of thrones. Although they wouldn’t see each other again until Season 7, their relationship was definitely important to the end of the series.

Beyond being treated like strangers, they are both good men who want to help others and want to atone for their mistakes. They each do it in their own way, with Tyrion being the hand of the king and Jon exiled but at peace. Their relationship and the similarities in their respective backgrounds are too rich and too similar for them to ever find each other.


Jon quickly earned the respect of Davos Seaworth. After Stannis’ death and defeat and Jon’s resurrection, Davos became Jon’s most trusted advisor. He helped rally Northern Houses such as the Mormonts in the fight against the Boltons, fought alongside Jon in the Battle of the Bastards, and traveled with Jon to Dragonstone to help convince Daenerys to join the fight against the Boltons. army of the dead.

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Davos now serves King Bran as Master of Ships. Much like Sam and Bran, Davos isn’t geographically close to Jon, but his close connection to Jon keeps him coming back.

Brienne of Tarth

Game of Thrones Brienne Smile

Brienne of Tarth and Jon Snow spent a lot of time together and were on the same side for the last few seasons of game of thrones. Yet, they never interacted much with each other and had no kind of relationship with each other.

They are similar characters in that they believe in loyalty and honor and value these traits above all else. Seeing two of the finest swordsmen and noblest warriors team up in a sequel series would be a dream come true, made even better now that Brienne is a knight and the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Also, if Tormund is still by Jon’s side, he would certainly be happy to see Brienne again.

Arya Stark

Jon Snow Arya Stark GOT

Of the surviving Starks, Jon certainly has the closest relationship to Arya. Her decision to explore what lies west of Westeros and navigate uncharted territory means she is far from Jon.

Given the vast distance between them, it could be logistically difficult for Arya to appear in this story, even more difficult than the distance between Jon and the characters in King’s Landing. However, if Jon needs Arya or she needs him, the two would be willing to go any distance necessary.

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