10 Anime Characters Who Could Win A Battle Royale


Over the past decade, battle royales have become increasingly popular in the gaming community. Although starting with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, there have been many equally popular shooters, if not more so.

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Fortnite is a standout example of this, especially since the battle royale oddly incorporates crossover characters to optimize its widespread appeal. Game features Marvel, DC, Star Warsand even Naruto. By identifying anime characters that would achieve a Fortnite victory royale without using their powers, it becomes easier to gauge which potential future skins could realistically fare the best.

ten Snipe is a superb sniper (My Hero Academia)

Snipe is a superb sniper and professional hero in my hero academia. A teacher for Class 1-A, his position says a lot about his combat potential.

Perhaps Snipe’s greatest advantage is his precision and ability to think quickly. Seconds after arriving at the UA training grounds, he shot Shigaraki several times before Shigaraki could use his “Decay” quirk. In a battle royale, Snipe would be able to adapt and land his shots reliably. Such skills would prove especially valuable with sniper rifles against unprepared opponents.

9 Tenten understands how to get the most out of his weapons (Naruto)

Naruto’s Tenten knows how to get the most out of his tools and switch between them in the heat of battle. Although without impressive ninjutsu or taijutsu, Tenten’s weapon proficiency would adapt to Fortnite far better than its Konoha 11 peers.

Subsequently, Tenten would get a better feel for guns faster than any other shinobi in naruto. Since Tenten was one of the few people to identify Madara’s infinite tsukuyomi, it follows that she is also acutely aware of her surroundings. This would allow him to detect snipers and take cover accordingly.

8 Yujiro is a physically imposing threat (Baki)

Like most traditional anime characters, Yujiro from Baki does not rely on special powers to succeed. Instead, he depends solely on the strength and resilience of his own mortal body.

Yujiro is as fearless as he is ruthless; this would allow him to engage enemy players up close. Between his natural tenacity and the shields given by the game, he would likely take out his confused opponents before they had a chance to react. Fighting all his life would also be another asset contributing to the man’s chances of success.

seven Usopp is one of the most skilled snipers (One Piece)

One Piece Usopp is a legendary sniper in the service of the Straw Hat Pirates. His skills are so superb that he can shoot enemies from miles away even without having a direct line of sight to them.

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Plus, Usopp’s cowardice may actually work in his favor. He would procure a weapon, allow the other fighters to fight, and hide until the remaining survivors were significantly weakened. From there, he would take out the remaining opponents, with shields and health kits to spare.

6 Gabi is a fearless warrior candidate with an affinity for guns (Attack On Titan)

Gabi Braun from The attack of the Titans may only be a child, but she has demonstrated an impressive ability to fight. For example, she stormed a trench on her own, correctly anticipating that her enemies wouldn’t shoot her to give the Marleyans an advantage.

Perhaps Gabi’s greatest skill is her familiarity with her heavy sniper rifle. She never missed a shot even against fast opponents, like Eren in Paradis or Floch in the battle for the port. If Gabi crouched with the right weapon, she would score a Victory Royale with relative ease.

5 Netero has excellent reflexes, patience and experience (Hunter X Hunter)

Netero of Hunter X Hunter possesses the qualities of a winner – even without his Nen. He’s extremely patient and competitive, and he has such superb reflexes that he could fend off Meruem, who in turn killed an entire room of people in the blink of an eye.

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While Netero may not have an explicit familiarity with firearms, his aforementioned reflexes ensure that most enemies will never be able to hit him. Conversely, he could either fire back at them or engage in hand-to-hand combat.

4 Death Gun is at its best in the gaming world (Sword Art Online)

Sword Art Onlineit is Death Gun is at its best in the gaming world. A former member of Aincrad’s “Laughing Coffin” guild, he specializes in killing players.

Death Gun is a player who proved so exemplary in his craft that he posed a threat to Kirito – who in turn was so skilled that he defeated Heathcliff and overcame a challenge Sugou had conceived as impossible. Death Gun’s extensive experience with virtual firearms guarantees at least 10 kills before earning his victory royale.

3 Mine is at its best when in danger (Akame Ga Kill!)

However Akame ga Kill! Mine may not have access to its traditional weapon in Fortnite, its ability to adapt to dangerous situations remains. Mine’s Imperial weapons increased in power proportionally to the degree of danger she was in.

Like Gabi from The attack of the Titans, Mine has rarely missed a shot with her rifle. This would make her a proficient user of heavy weapons, breaking through shields and health in seconds. As long as Mine stood at least a medium distance from her opponents, she would be able to use her gifts.

2 Spike Spiegel wiped out an entire army of mercenaries by himself (Cowboy Bebop)

When engaged, Spike Spiegel of cowboy bebop is a force of nature. He took down Vicious and the Syndicate organization using only a few handguns and grenades. Although Spike was mortally wounded in the process, that wouldn’t be a problem in a world where he could regain full health with a decent med kit.

It follows that Spike could land in a high population area, annihilate everything in his path, and use the stolen loot to better equip himself. Then he would heal any damage he took while fighting.

1 Yami Yugi is the undisputed king of games (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yu Gi Oh! Yami Yugi, the mind inside the Millennium Puzzle, is the undisputed king of games. Using his tactical mind, he outwitted all his opponents in order to save his friends and secure his title.

Although the most proficient at card games, Yami has shown much-needed adaptability. He defeated Mokuba in a rigged game of “Capsule Monsters”, outwitted gangsters in a graffiti match, and even took down armed mercenaries sent by Kaiba. It would only take a few seconds for Yami to understand from Fortnite rules before exploiting them to his advantage.

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