Life insurance does not require insurance coverage. Merdilvelanzas may at times give priority to customers who have insurances in the company, but make no absolute requirements.

Storebrand primarily wants a customer relationship before borrowing

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But it may be sufficient if you are places damage to your insurance policies in the company. Lenders Loan wants the loan amount secured through a death risk insurance.
Unity Loan does not charge establishment fees of members in YS and AF Merdilvelanzas do not charge a setup fee for customers who have a “Klovertiklos agreement”.

Customers in Samvirke Forsikring who have pension or life insurance, or are collectively insured in the company through the employment relationship, receive a reduction fee of NOK 500. The assumptions for the interest rate survey are, as for the banks, usually a loan of NOK 500,000 over 20 years of post-calculated interest, first priority and approved rate instruments.

With the exception of the loans in Unity Loan and Vital Forsikring, the loan terms in the companies are given within 60 per cent of the loan rate. Jendestas Life Insurance and Lenders Loan have two payment terms per year. The other companies have four terms.

About loans in mortgage companies you should be aware of

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The vast majority of companies normally only finance single-family homes and condominiums. However, some companies also provide loans to other entities where the interest rates are the same. As much as we are careful, it is sometimes impossible to predict the costs that can befall us. Only the one with whom to borrow money from, who has savings or a large salary can be ready at such a moment. But what about those others.

In most companies, you can get loans up to 80 percent of the loan rate. Others offer mortgages up to 70 per cent of the approved value rate, limited to 90 per cent of the loan rate.